Tax Defense Network:
objective review & things to know before buying

Tax Defense Network offers a wide array of services ranging from tax debt resolution to preparing tax returns. 


It is not a cheap provider, with typical costs for full service offerings ranging around $3,000. It is a ‘bespoke’ service provider, and Tax Defense Network’s “bread and butter” is negotiating on your behalf with the IRS, in order to reach the best possible resolution for your particular situation, be it a payment plan, offer in compromise, or otherwise. 

They employ hundreds of tax specialists across the country, including CPAs and tax attorneys. 

Read on for a full overview of Tax Defense Network’s services prepared by our tax experts

tax defense network

What services does Tax Defense Network offer?

Tax Defense Network provides a wide array of services, helping you navigate the following and more with the IRS: 

What are the costs? 

Tax Defense Network’s typical pricing is in the $3,000 range. 

However, as with all tax services, such pricing should always be seen from the lens of return on investment rather than on a cost basis. In other words, are you likely to at least recoup your fees? 

Typically, it makes sense to consider engaging such services when one’s tax liability is at least $10,000 or more. This way there’s a much higher chance of you recouping your investment with Tax Defense Network. 

Tax Defense Network does provide financing options, with some as low as $100 per month. 

What do customers say about the service?

Customer reviews about the service tend to be positive, though not overwhelmingly so — with typical reviews falling in the 4.1-4.4 range out of a 5-point scale. 

Most of the complaints revolve around insufficient direct access to deep tax expertise. However, given flat pricing and how expense some tax experts can be, this may be understandable. 

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages?

Of course, there are both benefits and downsides to using this service. But mainly there are plenty of advantages worth taking into account.

Tax Defense Network: Advantages

Flat Pricing

As mentioned above, the standard cost for their services can start at $2,500, though typically creeps a bit higher in practice. 

The costs are established up front based on the tax debt you owe and the relief approaches needed to solve your case. Tax Defense Network offers a free assessment before any agreement is made. 

Compared with many tax attorneys who charge by the hour, this can give customers peace of mind about what they’ll actually end up paying. And all things considered, it is typically a reasonable price to pay for off-the-shelf expertise. 

Customer Service

One thing customers repeatedly highlight is how fast & effective Tax Defense Network’s customer service team is, comparing it favorably against similar services. 

Nationwide availability

Tax Defense Network is a national brand able to service customers in all all 50 states — something of value to families and businesses facing tax issues across state lines, or simply looking for a well-reputed, national provider. 

Dedicated debt forgiveness team

Tax Defense Network maintains a team dedicated specifically to debt forgiveness. You won’t find this with most of the providers, and it can be extremely beneficial if it’s something potentially relevant to your situation. Their team consists of qualified tax attorneys and analysts that have won billions for their customers. 

The drawbacks

Short refund period

Tax Defense Network does offer refunds, as do many providers today, however the period to request a refund is extremely short — just three days, compared with much longer periods at other providers. However, this is understandable, given that as soon as payment is made, Defense Network must deploy many specialists to work on your case, immediately taking on large expenses. 

The verdict?

In our humble view, Tax Defense Network is an excellent service provider, offering nationwide expertise and a proven track record at fair, flat-rate pricing. 

Should you require a more bespoke & specialized approach, please feel free to reach out to a tax attorney near you via our website.